8 Dec 2023

Anju who returned from Pakistan meets her daughter; shift in her husband Arvind's demeanor; will he withdraw case against Anju?

Information had surfaced regarding Anju's return from Pakistan to meet her children in India. Anju, a 34-year-old Indian woman from Rajasthan’s Alwar, had gone to Pakistan to meet her lover. 

Anju was already married with two kids when she left for Pakistan to meet Nasarullah. According to Pakistani media reports, she married Nasarullah and converted to Islam with a new name Fatima.

When news of Anju’s marriage to her Pakistani lover emerged, her husband Arvind Kumar filed a case against her and her Pakistani husband.

But after her marriage, she released a video statement and expressed her wish to return to India to meet her children – a 15-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son. Anju reportedly returned to India last month. 

Anju engaged in a lengthy telephone conversation with her husband 

It has been reported that now Anju has engaged in a lengthy telephone conversation with her husband Arvind. 

Additionally, Anju had an in-person meeting with her daughter in Sonipat, where she expressed that her daughter understands her. Notably, Anju's daughter visited her in Sonipat. Anju mentioned that Arvind is considering withdrawing the cases filed against her, contingent upon the wishes of their children. 

Following the conversation with Anju, there appears to be a shift in Arvind's demeanor. The unfolding situation raises anticipation regarding Arvind's future decisions.

Anju asserts her belief in Christianity

While in Pakistan, Anju had previously stated her intent to address questions upon arriving in India. However, she is currently evading interaction with others. During an interrogation by the Bhiwadi police, Anju asserted her belief in Christianity, indicating her unfamiliarity with Hindu religious norms. The entire session, involving over a dozen questions posed by the Bhiwadi police, was recorded on video.

Yogesh Dadhich, the Superintendent of Police in Bhiwadi, confirmed that an investigating officer traveled to Sonipat to question Anju, capturing her entire statement on video. Anju disclosed that her visit to Pakistan was voluntary and stemmed from a marital dispute with her husband, leading to her second marriage in Pakistan before returning to India. The police are conducting an investigation based on Anju's statement and the FIR filed by her husband against Anju and her Facebook friend in Pakistan Nasrullah who she allegedly eventually married.

In response to inquiries, a Christian religious leader emphasized that second marriages without divorce are not legally recognized. Therefore, Anju's claim of a second marriage raises concerns about the accuracy of her statements to the police.

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