17 Dec 2023

Bhopal: This is how cybercriminals dupe gullible people by creating fake profiles of women; 40 cases in 2 months

Social media platforms are bei
ng abused by cybercriminals seeking to deceive gullible people through the creation of fraudulent profiles, particularly those portraying women. Over the past two months, the district cyber crime cell has documented 40 instances where perpetrators crafted fake identities of female users, extracting their photos from profiles and soliciting money from individuals within their friends' circles, as reported by officials.

Fake identities go unnoticed by genuine account holder

Senior officials from the cyber wing reveal that these criminals specifically target women who are inactive or seldom use their Facebook accounts. This lack of activity allows the fake identities to go unnoticed by the genuine account holders. Successful impostors then exploit the fabricated profiles to message friends listed on the Facebook pages, requesting funds for fabricated medical emergencies and other deceptive pretexts. Such fraudulent activities are reportedly widespread, particularly in villages within the Bhopal district.

Criminals evade arrest

Upon receiving complaints about these fraudulent profiles, the cyber cell promptly contacts Facebook, sending an email requesting the deactivation of the fake accounts. Typically, Facebook complies, deactivating the identified fraudulent profiles within two to three days. However, law enforcement faces challenges in tracing the individuals responsible for creating these fake profiles, enabling the criminals to evade arrest.

In a noteworthy case from the previous year, a counterfeit Facebook profile was created in the name of Sachin Atulkar, the former additional commissioner of police in Bhopal, and officials from the Economic Offenses Wing (EOW). The perpetrators behind Sachin Atulkar's fake profile were apprehended in Satna after the fake account continued to operate even following the complaint lodged with Facebook.

Users advised to secure their Facebook accounts

Deputy Police Commissioner Shrutkirti Somwanshi has advised users to secure their Facebook accounts by utilizing the platform's enhanced privacy features, preventing unauthorized access to personal photos. Additionally, she emphasized the importance of refraining from accepting friend requests from unknown individuals to mitigate the risk of falling victim to such deceptive schemes.

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