10 Dec 2023

Chhattisgarh: What was Raman Singh’s role in election of Vishnu Deo Sai as CM? What Sai said about PM Modi?


Raipur: Raman Singh, who was three-time Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, had proposed the name of Vishnu Deo Sai for the post of Chief Minister in the meeting of MLAs.

On Sunday, a meeting of 54 newly elected BJP MLAs was held in Raipur, in which the name of Vishnu Deo Sai was approved as the leader of the BJP legislature party.

After being selected for the responsibility of CM, Vishnu Deo Sai went to Raj Bhavan in Raipur in the evening and met Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan and staked claim to form the government.

BJP MLA Brijmohan Aggarwal said, “We have submitted a letter to the Governor that we have elected Vishnu Deo Sai as the leader of the legislative party. The central leadership will take a decision on the date of the swearing-in ceremony.”

Vishnu Deo Sai is a tribal leader and has been a four-time MP and three-time MLA. It is believed that BJP has revealed its strategy in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections by putting forward the tribal face.

What did Vishnu Deo Sai say about PM Modi?

Interacting with the media after his election, the Chief Minister designate thanked the top party leaders including PM Modi and Amit Shah and said the first item on his government’s agenda would be sanctioning 18 lakh dwellings for the poor.

He also promised to take everyone into confidence in carrying out his duties.

“I express my gratitude towards Prime Minister Modi, Amit Shah, JP Nadda, state in-charge Om Mathur, central minister Mansukh L Mandaviya and leader Nitin Nabin for reposing faith in a diminutive worker", he said.

"I will toil with unalloyed honesty while taking everyone into confidence. The first item on my agenda is to sanction 18 lakh dwellings for the impoverished,” said Sai, who would represent Jashpur district’s Kunkuri in the new House", Sai said further.

Vishnu Dev Sao praised PM Modi and said, "I will try to fulfill the guarantees of PM Modi through my government."

He said, "The party of newly elected 54 BJP MLAs has chosen me as their leader, I am very happy on this occasion and I would like to thank the party because they have given the opportunity to a small village worker to lead Chhattisgarh."

He said, "I thank those MLAs and along with lakhs of voters and workers, I thank the illustrious PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah for their national leadership."

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