20 Dec 2023

Hema Malini said this on suspension of opposition MPs from Lok Sabha

On Tuesday, 49 more MPs have been suspended from the Lok Sabha. A record 78 MPs were suspended on Monday. A total of 141 MPs have been suspended in the winter session.

The opposition is calling this the dictatorship of the Modi government.

On the question of suspension of MPs on such a large scale, BJP MP Hema Malini said, "They raise so many questions, they behave strangely, that is why they are being suspended."

“If they have been suspended then they must have done something wrong. They should work as per the rules of Parliament, if they don't then they were suspended. There is nothing wrong in this.” 

On the meeting of the India Alliance, she said, “Their (opposition) aim is to not allow the House to function by any means and to overthrow the Modi government, but they will not succeed in this.”

Currently, only nine Congress MPs including Rahul Gandhi are left in the House and a total of 43 Opposition MPs are left in the House.

The opposition is demanding an answer from Home Minister Amit Shah in the House regarding the major lapse in Parliament security on December 13.

The suspension of the MPs has come at a time when some important bills are about to be presented in the House.

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