7 Dec 2023

Israel-Hamas War: 22 members of Al Jazeera correspondent's family killed in Israeli attack in Gaza, Amnesty made this demand

An Israeli air strike killed 22 members of an Al Jazeera employee's family in Gaza. The family members of Moamen Al-Sharafi, a correspondent for Al Jazeera Arabic, were killed early on Wednesday morning in a home they were sheltering in at Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza.

News channel Al Jazeera has reported that 22 members of the family of one of its journalists were killed in an Israeli attack on Gaza's Jabalia Refugee Camp.

A statement issued by Al Jazeera said that the house where the family members of Moamen Al-Sharafi were taking shelter was targeted on December 6.

Al Sharafi's mother, his father, three siblings and several of his children were killed in this attack.

Earlier in October, the wife, son, daughter and grandson of another Al Jazeera journalist, Wael al-Dahdaoui, died in the central Gaza area.

Probe as a  possible war crime: Amnesty


Meanwhile, Amnesty International, on Thursday, called for Israeli attacks on journalists in southern Lebanon to be investigated as a possible “war crime”.

The earlier 13 October Israeli strikes on journalists that left one journalist killed and six others injured “were likely a direct attack on civilians that must be investigated as a war crime,” said a statement by the rights group.

The watchdog said it had verified videos and photos and checked the scene of the incident, adding that “the group was visibly identifiable as journalists” and “the Israeli military knew, or should have known, that they were civilians yet attacked them anyway in two separate strikes 37 seconds apart.”

“There must be an independent and impartial investigation into this deadly attack,” the rights group said.

The Israeli army has yet to comment on Amnesty's statement.

Hundreds of Palestinian boys and men being rounded up by Israel


Meanwhile, hundreds of Palestinian boys and men over the age of 15 are being rounded up by occupation forces in northern Gaza, stripped of their clothes and taken away.

Shocking images and video footage circulating online show the boys and men stripped to their underwear and left sitting on the ground in the cold winter temperatures in Gaza. They can be seen surrounded by heavily armed Israeli occupation soldiers who are screaming orders at them.

Further images show an army people carrier filled with the men being driven away.

It is not clear how many boys and men were disappeared, but some reports have put the figure as high as 700. They are said to have been taken from shelter schools in northern Gaza where thousands of displaced civilians were forced to take shelter as a result. of the bombing and destruction of their neighborhoods and homes.

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