26 Dec 2023

Jitu Patwari said this on Madhya Pradesh cabinet expansion

Madhya Pradesh Mohan Yadav Cabinet Expansion: Following the significant triumph of the BJP in Madhya Pradesh, a fresh lineup of state leaders has now emerged. After a prolonged wait of 22 days, the state has unveiled its new cabinet, with 28 MLAs taking the oath as ministers. Among them, 18 assume the role of cabinet ministers, 6 serve as ministers of state with independent charge, and 4 hold positions as ministers of state. 

People of Madhya Pradesh feel cheated: Patwari

State Congress President Jitu Patwari has taken the opportunity to comment on the removal of several former ministers and individuals closely associated with Shivraj, He said that for the first time the people of Madhya Pradesh feel cheated.

Patwari remarked, "For the first time in Madhya Pradesh, elections were contested on someone else's face. The Ladli Bahna scheme gained widespread praise throughout the election. Shivraj led the campaign and though he was not officially projected as the CM face it was widely believed that he would be the CM if BJP won."

Patwari pointed out that the MLAs have the democratic right to elect their leader who becomes the CM and then the CM appoints ministers. But both the CM and ministers were appointed from Delhi.

Allocate Rs 3000 to Ladli Bahnas

Commenting on the recent cabinet expansion, Patwari added, "Now, my hope is that the promises made will be fulfilled. In the initial cabinet meeting, besides the decision to allocate Rs 3000 to Ladli Bahnas, attention should also be given to providing a bonus for paddy to the farmers. Statements such as the Rs 450 gas cylinder and Rs 2 lakh through the Modi guarantee have been made as if they were sacred texts; they need to be realized."

Shivraj, Bhargava face disrespect: Katare

Regarding the cabinet expansion, Deputy Leader of Opposition Hemant Katare stated, "It is evident from the cabinet expansion that the senior leaders who laid the foundation of the Bharatiya Janata Party in MP  Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Gopal Bhargava have been neglected, and they face disrespect. Despite the BJP advocating for women's reservation, only nominal representation has been provided to women. There seems to be a lack of consultation with Chief Minister Mohan Yadav in the decisions that were handed down from above." 

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