26 Dec 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Has there been a decline in representation of Scindia supporters in Mohan cabinet

The Madhya Pradesh cabinet has undergone a long-awaited expansion. During this restructuring, several ministers aligned with Scindia have failed to get a berth in the cabinetMany MLAs have now been sworn in as ministers for the third time within a five-year period. Nonetheless, the current cabinet reflects a decrease in the representation of ministers supportive of Scindia compared to the previous cabinet.


3 leaders have taken oath as ministers for third time in five years

In the expansion of Mohan cabinet in Madhya Pradesh, pro-Scindia ministers Govind Rajput, Adal Singh Kansana, Tulsi Silawat, Pradyuman Singh Tomar have got a chance. Among them, there are 3 such leaders who have taken oath as ministers for the third time within five years. Among them are Govind Singh Rajput, Tulsi Silawat, Pradyuman Singh Tomar.  They had become a minister in the Congress government of 2018 and the BJP government of 2020 and once again in the Mohan government. 

However, this time Prabhuram Choudhary did not find place in the cabinet. Now it has to be seen what post the party gives him.

Influence of Scindia supporters in the cabinet will be diminished 

This time, only three MLAs supporting Jyotiraditya Scindia have been appointed as ministers. This has led to the perception that the influence of Scindia supporters in the cabinet will be diminished compared to the previous government, where more than 10 ministers supporting Scindia were included. Notably, Prabhuram Chaudhary, Brijendra Singh Yadav, and Hardeep Singh Dang were unsuccessful in securing positions in the cabinet this time. Additionally, a few other Scindia supporters also experienced defeat in elections.

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