12 Dec 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Why outgoing CM Shivraj said he would rather die than ask for something for himelf


Bhopal: Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who served the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh for almost 17 years, today said that he would rather die than go to ask for something for himself and that he has never taken any decision about himself, in future also the party will think and decide about him.

Outgoing Chief Minister Shivraj said this in response to a question during a discussion with reporters at his residence here. 


Referring to his earlier statement after the assembly election results in which he reportedly said that he will not go to Delhi, Shivraj  said that he would rather die than go to demand something for himself. He said that this is not his job and that is why he gave this statement.

In fact, after the results came out, while other senior leaders were traveling to Delhi, Chouhan was visiting various places in Madhya Pradesh. At that time, during the discussion with the reporters, he had stressed that he would not go to Delhi.

I will always support new govt: Shivraj

During discussion with reporters, Shivraj expressed hope that the new BJP government of the state led by Dr. Mohan Yadav will implement public welfare schemes and the state will reach the heights of development. He said that he will always support the new government.

Shivraj said that due to the hard work of lakhs of workers and the popularity of Prime Minister Modi along with the welfare schemes of the Center and the State, the government was formed with such a huge majority. 


Shivraj  said that the party has got the highest percentage of votes so far and he is satisfied that they will form such a government.

He said that the times of Covid were very difficult, but that experience also gave rise to many welfare schemes.

Shivraj said that the party has now given good leadership to the state, handing over the leadership to Yadav, he will now travel further. Along with this he expressed gratitude to everyone including PM Modi.

Party decides everything about me: Outgoing CM

In response to a question, Shivraj said that he himself never takes any decision regarding him, it is the party that decides everything. Only the party will decide further.

He said that he does not like the idea of thinking about his own place in the party. BJP has given him a lot and now it is his turn to give something to his own party. In this sequence, he said that there is a lot to be done in the direction of social welfare also.

Along with this, he said that he has requested the new Chief Minister that he (Chouhan himself) wants to maintain his habit of planting trees daily and for that, government land should be made available to him.

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