16 Jan 2024

Anticipation Builds: Ayodhya Ram Temple Consecration Expected to Ignite a Rs 1 Lakh Crore Economic Surge

The nation's economy is set to soar ahead of the Pran Pratistha ceremony scheduled for January 22 in Ayodhya. Preliminary estimates indicate that the country is poised for a business boom of Rs 1 lakh crore before the consecration of the Shri Ram Temple. In Delhi alone, the projected business could exceed Rs 20 thousand crore. 

Praveen Khandelwal, the National General Secretary of the Confederation of All India Traders (CAT), asserts that more than 30 thousand programs organized by traders and social organizations nationwide are contributing to this economic upswing.

Nationwide Surge in Trade Anticipated

Khandelwal said that the consecration ceremony of Lord Shri Ram's temple on January 22 will trigger a significant increase in business nationwide. Despite CAT's initial estimate of Rs 50 thousand crore, the overwhelming enthusiasm across the country, particularly in Delhi, suggests that the total business generated could reach Rs 1 lakh crore. This revised estimate is based on feedback received from 30 cities across the country, signaling a remarkable economic boost due to the temple consecration.

Emergence of numerous business opportunities

Khandelwal said this economic surge is a rare incident in the country's business history. He highlighting the emergence of numerous business opportunities fueled by faith and trust. The estimate of Rs 1 lakh crore is grounded in the love and dedication of businessmen and other sections towards the Shri Ram Temple, manifesting in over 30 thousand programs organized by business organizations nationwide. These events include processions, Ram walks, rallies, ferrying events, scooter and car rallies, and Ram Chowki.

Rise in Demand for Ram Temple Merchandise

The markets are witnessing a surge in demand for Ram-themed flags, patkas, caps, T-shirts, and kurtas, all adorned with Ram temple motifs. The demand for Ram Mandir models is also skyrocketing, with expectations of over 5 crore models being sold across the country. Preparation for these models is underway day and night in various cities. 

Additionally, large-scale musical groups and artists are being enlisted, while artisans and artists creating tableaux for Shobha Yatras are experiencing increased demand. The demand for millions of clay lamps and other items is creating a bustling market, with extensive arrangements for colorful lighting, flower decoration, and more.

Large-Scale Religious Programs Planned

The forthcoming week will witness the organization of more than 200 Shri Ram Samvad programs and over 1,000 religious events, including Shri Ram Chowki, Shri Ram Kirtan, Sunderkand recitations, 24-hour continuous Ramayana recitation, and bhajan evenings in Delhi markets. More than 200 major markets, along with numerous small markets, will be adorned with Shri Ram flags, strings, and electric lights. 

Over 300 Shri Ram Pheri and Shri Ram Pad Yatra programs are scheduled in various Delhi markets, complemented by the lighting of lakhs of earthen lamps in traders' homes and shops.

Transforming Delhi Markets into Ayodhya

Various CAT-associated associations are providing lamps, LEDs, and sound systems, contributing to the festive atmosphere in Delhi. Dhol, Taash, and Nafiri performances at more than 300 locations, alongside over 100 Shri Ram Shobha Yatras, are planned. Women in traditional attire with Shri Ram Kalash on their heads will participate in many processions. 

Folk dancers and singers from Vrindavan and Jaipur will showcase their talents in several markets, complemented by Shri Ram Temple models, over 5 thousand hoardings, and extensive preparations by traders to transform every market in Delhi into Ayodhya.

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