12 Jan 2024

Congress said this on BJP's allegations after party leaders refuse to participate in Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha ceremony

BJP has been attacking Congress after its refusal to participate in the Pran Pratistha program of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya on January 22.

There has been a reaction from Congress leaders on these allegations.

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge said, "I had given this statement on the 6th. People who have faith can go today, tomorrow and even the day after tomorrow. Yet BJP is asking the same question again and again. This is not right. This is BJP's conspiracy and BJP is raising this issue again and again. I have spoken about this 10 days ago. Our issue is not to hurt any person, religion, any guru. Our issue is that what Modi is doing for the public?"

Some BJP leaders allege that rejecting the invitation for Pran Pratistha shows the anti-Sanatan mentality of Congress.

Is one allowed to go to God's temple by invitation, asks Kheda

On these allegations, Congress national spokesperson Pawan Kheda said, "Is one allowed to go to God's temple by invitation? On which date, which category of person will go to the temple, will it be decided by a political party? Will a political party decide when should I go to meet my God? There are rules and regulations for the consecration of any temple, there are religious scriptures. Shankaracharya of all the four Peethas have clearly said that an incomplete temple cannot be consecrated. In such a situation, if this program is not religious, then this program is political."

At the same time, Congress leader Supriya Srinet said, "Religion is a matter of personal faith. Then why is it being politicized so disgustingly? It is absolutely wrong to do politics in religious rituals. This is why today the four Shankaracharyas of Hindu religion took the decision that they will not go to Ayodhya."

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