23 Jan 2024

Doors of Ayodhya Ram Mandir open to public; massive crowd gather for darshan; inaugural Aarti performed

After the sacred consecration of Ramlala's idol in the Ayodhya Ram Mandir, the doors were opened to the public on Tuesday. A massive crowd of devotees gathered for darshan from as early as 3 in the morning. The moment the temple gates swung open, a rush ensued as people eagerly vied to be the first inside.

Inaugural Aarti performed

Following the Pran Pratistha, the morning saw the inaugural Aarti performed in the Ram temple. Tight security measures were put in place to manage the large crowds attending the darshan. Additionally, a significant number of individuals arrived to take a holy dip in the Saryu river.

Devotees  overjoyed

"We are overjoyed. Ayodhya is adorned like a radiant bride. It is even more touching to realize that we will soon have the opportunity to witness the divine presence of Ram Lalla," expressed Sushil Saxea, a devoted visitor from Ghaziabad.

Commenting on the substantial crowd gathered at the temple gates, he remarked, "Numerous people will be blessed with the sight of Lord Ram, making it an inevitably bustling scene."

Another worshipper shared his journey from Odisha, saying, "I traveled all the way from Puri in Odisha to Ayodhya on my motorcycle to seek the divine 'darshan' of Lord Ram. Covering a distance of 1224 kilometers, I eagerly anticipated the moment. During my journey, when asked about my destination, I proudly mentioned that I was headed to witness the divine presence of Lord Ram at a temple that remained unbuilt for over five centuries."

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi conducted the consecration ceremony of Ram Lalla. Ayodhya witnessed the presence of several prominent personalities from the country who participated in the event.

During the auspicious 84 seconds of the 48-minute 'Abhijeet muhurat' from 12:29:03 pm to 12:30:35 pm, Prime Minister Modi symbolically opened the eyes of the Lord Ram Lalla idol. This marked the culmination of the week-long consecration rituals that commenced on January 16.

The 51-inch idol of Ram Lalla was adorned with meticulously researched ornaments, reflecting scripturally appropriate attire described in Ram's scriptures. In the evening, the temple town illuminated with 10 lakh diyas after the consecration ceremony. A captivating laser show at the majestic Ram Ki Paidi added to the celebration.

As the sun set along the banks of the Saryu River, temples and homes across the temple town gleamed with earthen diyas. People took to the streets, bursting firecrackers and sharing sweets, joyfully celebrating the new dwelling place of Ram Lalla.

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