10 Jan 2024

Maharashtra: Eknath Shinde faction is real Shiv Sena, rules Speaker

Maharashtra Speaker Rahul Narwekar has started giving the verdict on the disqualification of Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and 16 MLAs of his group. He said- Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has 37 out of 55 Shiv Sena MLAs. The group led by him is the real Shiv Sena. The Election Commission had also given the same decision. 

The verdict is a big setback for Team Uddhav Thackeray.

Refused to disqualify MLAs

The Speaker refused to disqualify 16 Shiv Sena MLAs including CM Eknath Shinde. He said there was no valid ground to disqualify them. Eknath Shinde is the real leader of Shiv Sena and the party.

Shinde faction happy with Speaker's decision

As soon as the Speaker announced the decision, there was joy on the faces of the Shinde group MLAs. MP Rahul Shewale has expressed happiness over the decision.

Uddhav did not have the right to remove Shinde

The speaker said- According to the Shiv Sena constitution, the party chief alone cannot expel anyone from the party. The decision to remove Shinde from the post of legislature party leader was Uddhav's, not the party's. If any official has to be removed then majority of the National Executive and the House of Representatives is necessary for this.

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