6 Feb 2024

Aarti Singh pranks co-star Mohit Sonkar on sets of Shravani: Behind-the-scenes fun unveiled

The set of the Shemaroo Umang show 'Shravani' is not just a place for intense drama but also a hub of fun and camaraderie between the actors. Aarti Singh, who brilliantly portrays the character of Chandra in the show, has been turning heads with her infectious laughter and playful banter. 

In a recent Instagram story, Aarti was seen pulling the legs of none other than Mohit Sonkar, the lead actor essaying the role of Shivansh. The light-hearted moment showcases the vibrant atmosphere behind the scenes, on the set of the show.


Sharing her experience, Aarti Singh said, "We have a fantastic time shooting for 'Shravani.' It's not just about delivering powerful performances, but also about creating a warm and enjoyable work environment. Pulling Mohit's legs has become a ritual, and it's all in good spirits."

Aarti said further, "I have learned this skill from my brother Krushna Abhishek because he often teases me at home. So, I decided to pull a prank on my co-stars on the set and create a light-hearted environment."


In the unfolding storyline of ‘Shravani,’ though married to different partners now, Shravani’s pregnancy brings her and Shivansh together. On the other hand, Rohan out of jealousy keeps creating troubles for Shravani and Shivansh. Will Shivansh be able to prove it’s Rohan who is behind all the chaos?

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