21 Feb 2024

Farmer Protest 2.0: Farmers resuming their 'Delhi Chalo' march; what farmer leaders are saying?

Farmers are resuming their 'Delhi Chalo' march on Wednesday. The farmers are on the Shambhu border of Haryana and Punjab and will try to move forward here.

Earlier, while talking to the media, farmer leader Jagjit Singh Dallewal has said that we do not want to create unrest. Farmers work hard day and night, if huge barricades are being put up to stop them then it is not right.

Dallewal said, “Our intention is not to create unrest in any way, nor is it a matter of honor for us that we have to do so. But the thing is that we had planned to go to Delhi and it was not made today. On November 7, we had given a call that we would go to Delhi, so today if the government is saying that we have less time, then I think this is the government's policy of procrastination."

“The government should take a decision in favor of the farmers and laborers of the country. The farmers of the country have made the country self-reliant, have worked hard day and night. Seven lakh farmers have committed suicide in the country. But in such circumstances, if instead of talking to the farmers, they put up such huge barricades to stop them, then it is not right.

The main demands of the farmers are that the Minimum Support Price i.e. MSP should be made a legal guarantee. Loans of farmers should be waived off and cases filed against farmers during the farmers' protest in the year 2020-21 should be withdrawn.

PM should allow us to go to Delhi peacefully: Pandher

Before the resumption of Delhi Chalo March today, farmer leader Sarwan Singh Pandher has said that the government is oppressing the farmers and laborers through paramilitary forces. Being the PM of the country, Narendra Modi should protect the Constitution and allow us go to Delhi peacefully, this is our right.

Pandher said, “Mazdoor Morcha and United Kisan Morcha – non-political have entered the ninth day of their protest. We had appealed to the Prime Minister and said that this government should not become thirsty for the blood of workers and farmers, I do not think that we have been successful in conveying our message to him." 

The farmer leader said, "We say to the government, if you have to kill then kill us but do not oppress the farmer labourers. Even today we will urge the Prime Minister to come forward and resolve this issue peacefully.”

Pandher said further, “Paramilitary forces are deployed at every nook and corner in the villages of Haryana. What atrocities have we committed, we are citizens of this country. As a citizen, we would have voted for your party and made you the Prime Minister. We had never imagined that you would use paramilitary forces and commit atrocities like this on us.

“If you have problem in accepting the demand then protect the Constitution of the country. Let us go to Delhi peacefully. This is our birthright.”

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