29 Feb 2024

Himachal Pradesh Crisis: What is Vikramaditya Singh's Stance Following Meeting with Congress Observers?

Vikramaditya Singh, who stepped down from his ministerial role in the Himachal Pradesh government, stated that he won't insist on his resignation until a decision is made. He shared, "We've discussed the situation with the observers, keeping them informed. I won't press for resignation until a final decision is reached in the near future."

Congress president Kharge has sent three observers---Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Bhupesh Baghel and DK Shivakumar to Shimla to defuse the situation.

The state's political landscape has heated up following the cross-voting by six rebel Congress MLAs in the recent Rajya Sabha elections.

Vikramaditya has not resigned from party: Pratibha Singh

Meanwhile, Pratibha Singh, Congress President in Himachal Pradesh and Vikramaditya Singh's mother, clarified, "Vikramaditya Singh resigned from the cabinet, not the party. His resignation remains unaccepted. The observers will determine the course of action."

Vikramaditya Singh, the son of former Chief Minister late Virbhadra Singh, highlighted longstanding issues in the government. He said, "Since the government's inception, certain issues persisted. We brought this to the notice of the high command, seeking resolution. If they had addressed this earlier, we wouldn't be in this situation now."

In the recent Rajya Sabha elections, six rebel Congress MLAs sided with BJP, leading to the defeat of Congress candidate Abhishek Manu Singhvi. BJP claimed Comgress led government was in minority, casting doubts on its budget presentation rights.

During the subsequent Assembly session, 15 BJP MLAs were suspended, and the six rebel Congress MLAs faced anti-defection law proceedings. The Assembly Speaker is yet to make a decision on this matter.

Jairam Thakur, Leader of Opposition, expressed concerns about Congress's majority to pass the budget and anticipated tactics involving suspending BJP MLAs. He stated, "The hearing today on the six MLAs in the Assembly seems to be heading in the same direction. However, the fight doesn't end here; we will keep on."

Despite securing a clear majority with 40 out of 68 MLAs, the Congress government faces challenges in the current political scenario.

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