12 Feb 2024

Rajasthan: Jaipur Residents Plagued by Mysterious Dry Cough, What Doctors Are Saying?

Jaipur, Rajasthan: A mysterious dry cough has gripped the city of Jaipur, leaving many residents in distress even after recovering from seasonal illnesses. The onset of this persistent cough, lasting up to 15-20 days, has baffled medical experts, with patients experiencing chest pain and rib discomfort. Some cases have even reported vomiting during coughing spells. Health professionals are struggling to identify the specific virus responsible for this prolonged and severe cough.

High Incidence Rate

Dr. Puneet Saxena, Senior Professor at the Department of General Medicine, Jaipur SMS Medical College, revealed that approximately 30% of patients presenting with fever and sore throat in the outpatient department (OPD) are also grappling with this mysterious cough. While the initial symptoms like fever and cold resolve within 4-5 days, the dry cough persists, defying conventional treatments.

Unidentified Virus

Dr. Saxena highlighted that the usual suspects like H3N2, upper respiratory infection (URI), adenovirus, and para influenza virus, commonly associated with seasonal transitions, are not being detected in these cases. Test results for common viruses, including Covid, have come back negative. The severity of the cough is causing additional complications, with patients experiencing pain in the chest and ribs.

Growing Concerns

As the weather transitions from winter to summer, the number of cases may rise further, warned Dr. Saxena. Although there is currently no indication of major lung infections in these patients, the relentless nature of the cough is causing concern among healthcare professionals. At this point, hospitalization is not deemed necessary, but monitoring and further investigation are underway to uncover the root cause of this mysterious ailment.

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