7 Feb 2024

Yukti Multani's intriguing entry in Vanshaj: Is she just replica of Yuvika aka Anjali Tatrari or a game-changer?

Sony SAB’s show ‘Vanshaj’ revolves around Yuvika (Anjali Tatrari) navigating challenges within the male-dominated Mahajan Empire, where family members engage in a fierce battle for control over the business. The show tells a story of determined Yuvika (Anjali Tatrari) as she stands strong against DJ's (Mahir Pandhi) constant schemes. Their fight against each other takes a drastic turn when Yuvika gets trapped in a fire, set by DJ.

The upcoming episodes mark a significant turning point as the show takes a one-year leap, bringing on a new chapter in Vanshaj. As DJ celebrates his victory over eliminating Yuvika, his biggest competitor, Yuvika’s mother Bhoomi (Gurdeep Kohli) struggles to cope with the grief of losing her daughter, slowly slipping into a state of mental distress. 

In Yuvika's absence, a surprising twist awaits viewers — a glimmer of hope suggesting that Yuvika might have been saved by someone. This anticipation increases with the introduction of a mysterious character named Yukti, who bears resemblance to Yuvika and is the niece of the wealthy and affluent Multani family. It remains to be seen if Yukti’s presence will prove to be a game-changer in DJ’s life. 

Anjali Tatrari, who plays the character of Yuvika says, “Yukti is poles apart from Yuvika - from her appearance to her manner of speaking. Yukti is set to play a significant role in the Mahajan family's dynamics, marking a turning point in the story. It's an exciting shift and will bring a lot of suspense to the story. I can't wait for viewers to witness Yukti's entry and experience the new dynamics she brings to Vanshaj."

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