1 Mar 2024

Himachal Pradesh: What Pratibha Singh said in response to possibility of joining BJP amidst Congress government crisis

Amidst growing concerns over the stability of the Congress government in Himachal Pradesh, the central leadership dispatched observers from Delhi, including Karnataka's Deputy CM DK Shivakumar, Bhupendra Singh Hooda, and Bhupendra Singh Baghel. 

Expressing discontent with Himachal CM Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, Pradesh Congress President Pratibha Singh and her son State Government Minister Vikramaditya Singh, voiced their concerns.

It is challenging to gauge people's mood: Pratibha Singh

In a recent interaction, Pratibha Singh was questioned about observers' predictions that the Congress government would endure for five years. She responded, "Observers want the government to continue. But it is challenging to gauge people's mood."

Singh added, "We have time. We'll communicate with the concerned parties to expedite decision-making. Once directives are received, we'll act accordingly."

Regarding the prospect of joining the BJP, Pratibha Singh emphasized her longstanding association with the Congress. She stated, "Our entire life has been dedicated to the Congress. Our family's roots are with Congress, and I can't predict the future."

On the possibility of contesting elections from Mandi or joining the BJP, Pratibha Singh clarified, "We haven't considered it, and we are not in contact with them (BJP). The Congress party high command will decide, and we will follow their instructions."

When asked about the comparison between the working styles of BJP and Congress, Pratibha Singh acknowledged that Congress has work to do. She said, "As an MP, I endeavored to understand people's issues. While it's true that the BJP's working is considered better, we still have much to accomplish within the Congress."

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