28 Mar 2024

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Deciphering BJP's Strategic Moves in Punjab: Mathematics Behind Influx of Big Leaders of Cong and AAP

Lok Sabha Election 2024: BJP has so far been sidelined in Punjab's political landscape. The party's recent recruitment of prominent figures like Ravneet Singh Bittu, Sushil Kumar Rinku and Preneet Kaur has raised eyebrows. Despite its historical underperformance, the party seems to be attracting notable names from Congress and AAP. This raises the question: why the sudden influx, especially when BJP is perceived as weak in Punjab?

The answer lies in BJP's perceived strength in urban areas and the shifting alliances in Punjab politics. With Congress aligning with AAP and Akali Dal standing alone, the political dynamics have changed. Some leaders from Congress and AAP see potential in BJP's urban stronghold and believe they can secure victory by joining forces with saffron party. Moreover, BJP's decision to contest alone in Punjab after 28 years signals its determination.

BJP can also give tickets to leaders like Ravneet Singh Bittu, Sushil Kumar Rinku and Preneet Kaur. Ravneet Singh Bittu has a big stature in the politics of Punjab and his grandfather Beant Singh has been the CM of the state. Preneet Kaur is also a Jat Sikh, who is the wife of former CM Captain Amarinder Singh. BJP has also included diplomat Taranjit Singh Sandhu in the party, he is also a Jat Sikh.

BJP trying to diversify its appeal beyond Hindu voters

Crucially, BJP is targeting Jat Sikh leaders like Bittu, Sandhu, and Kaur to diversify its appeal beyond Hindu voters. These leaders bring with them significant influence and credibility, particularly in rural areas where BJP has struggled to gain traction. By tapping into the Sikh tradition through these leaders, BJP aims to challenge the dominance of Akali Dal in religious demographics.

Taranjit Singh Sandhu's inclusion, with his prestigious Sikh lineage, further strengthens BJP's position. His family's association with SGPC offers an opportunity for BJP to make inroads into traditionally Akali Dal-dominated territory.

Overall, BJP's strategic recruitment of influential Jat Sikh leaders signifies a shift in its Punjab strategy. With a focus on expanding beyond urban strongholds and into rural territories, the party aims to emerge as a formidable force in Punjab politics.

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