22 Mar 2024

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Why did BJP MP Dhal Singh Bisen said he doesn't regret being denied ticket from Balaghat; reveals future plans

Lok Sabha Election 2024: BJP MP Dhal Singh Bisen, whose ticket for Balaghat was revoked, has spoken out about his future plans. Despite the setback, Bisen revealed that he harbors no regrets and has accepted the decision gracefully. 

Reflecting on his past contributions to the development of Balaghat-Seoni, including the passage of the Nari Shakti Vandan Act and the empowerment of women in the region, he hinted that this may have influenced the party's decision to field a female candidate in his place.

Bisen said, "Maybe that's why my ticket has been canceled and Mahila Shakti has been given the ticket. This time the party has given tickets to 6 women in Madhya Pradesh, thanks to the leadership for this."

I always got ticket without asking for it: Bisen

Bisen emphasized his loyalty to the party, stating that he has always received tickets without asking for it, and this time was no different. 

Dhal Singh Bisen said- 'I never demanded the ticket, I had left the entire decision to the party, I have got the ticket 7 times without asking, never went to ask, never went to beg, the party always gave me the ticket. That's why whatever the party does, it does good. I have no regrets, the national president of the party called me and said that the ticket has to be given to a woman so you will not get a chance, I told him that I gladly accept."

'I await party's direction for my future role'

He expressed gratitude for the opportunities the party had afforded him over the years, having served as MLA four times, held various ministerial positions, and even served as MP. While acknowledging the public's support for his work, he remains committed to the party's decisions and awaits their direction for his future role.

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