10 Mar 2024

Lok Sabha Elections-2024: Digvijaya Singh Said This on Suresh Pachouri Leaving Congress

Suresh Pachouri MP Congress Leader: Senior Congress leader of Madhya Pradesh Congress and former Union Minister Suresh Pachouri, former MP Gajendra Rajukhedi and many former Congress MLAs have joined the BJP. After leaving the party, these leaders accused Congress of moving away from its core principles. 

At the same time, now former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh has hit back at them. He said that only those whose ideology is not Congress are leaving Congress.

After Pachouri left Congress, Digvijaya Singh accused him of betraying the Nehru-Gandhi family. Singh said that Pachouri earned name and respect while staying in Congress. He asked if Congress was not good, then why did they contest elections on Congress ticket and became MLAs. 

Leaders are leaving Congress in pursuit of power

Digvijaya said the leaders are leaving Congress in pursuit of power. However, the workers are still with Congress. He said these things during his visit to Indore.

Earlier, Digvijaya Singh had written in a post in which he asked doesn't religion teach us to stay with our loved ones in their happiness and sorrow? Faith in Ram temple is justified, but why did you forget the dignity of Ram? 

At the same time, on the issue of leaders leaving the party on the pretext of Congress not attending the inauguration of Ram Temple, he said that I myself donated to the Ram Temple. Congress welcomed the Ram temple after the court's decision, but why was the incomplete temple inaugurated? that is the question. He also said that Congress never wants Ram Temple to be politicized.

Actually, an important political development has been seen in Madhya Pradesh. Here, veteran Congress leader and former Union Minister Suresh Pachouri joined the BJP on Saturday, breaking his five-decade association with the Congress. 

Suresh Pachouri, former MP Gajendra Rajukhedi and several former Congress MLAs were among the leaders who switched sides at the BJP state headquarters on Saturday morning in the presence of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav, BJP state unit president VD Sharma and former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

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