31 Mar 2024

Madhya Pradesh: Now these offbeat tourist destinations will also lure tourists; you can venture beyond state’s conventional tourist hubs

In a bid to draw more tourists to the state, the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department is venturing beyond the conventional tourist hubs. This initiative extends beyond the familiar cities of Indore, Bhopal, Omkareshwar, Gwalior, and Pachmarhi, as it now encompasses various cities across different districts.

The department is actively pursuing new projects aimed at enhancing tourism at 12 locations within the state. These endeavors include establishing resorts, adventure parks, and similar attractions. 

Dewas, Jabalpur, Khandwa, Chhatarpur, Raisen, and Niwari districts are among those targeted for development under this tourism initiative. Collaborating with state investors, the department is facilitating investment opportunities to catalyze the development of these areas, fostering hopes for substantial growth. 

Investors of the state will get the opportunity to invest by joining hands with the MP Tourism Department. Also, there is hope that these places will be developed in a better way. The scheme will also provide subsidy to investors and employment to local people.

Following the success of ventures like the Windasa Drive-In Theater and Rail Coach Restaurant in Indore in 2022, similar efforts are underway to leverage tourism potential across other parts of the state. 

Ultra Mega Tourism Project has identified 12 locations

The Ultra Mega Tourism Project has identified 12 locations abundant in land, tourism prospects, and demand. Plans include offering various recreational activities at these sites, with the department issuing tenders to materialize these plans.

The investment scope spans places such as Peepalner near Bhopal Airport, Hathnoor in Burhanpur and several islands on the Indira Sagar Reservoir in Khandwa including Imlani Island, Lachhorama Island, Najarpura Island with Kasrawad Island. 

Other places that will be developed as tourist spots include Bilkhirua located near Bhedaghat in Jabalpur, Datla Pahad near Khajuraho, Neenod located near Sanchi, Sawant Nagar near Orchha, Shankargarh near Dewas and Brijrajkhedi located near Ujjain. 

Here investors are required to invest a minimum of Rs 100 crore, with the freedom to devise strategies to attract tourists tailored to each location's unique characteristics.

Projects will also spur employment 

These initiatives are anticipated to not only spur employment through on-site construction activities but also pave the way for the establishment of hotels, resorts, adventure parks, convention centers, golf courses, and wellness centers. The decentralized development occurring simultaneously across 12 locations is poised to bolster tourism in each region.

Sheo Shekhar Shukla, Managing Director of the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, underscores the need to explore new tourism prospects alongside existing ones. By identifying viable locations and offering subsidies ranging from 15 to 30 percent based on investment amounts, the state aims to fortify its tourism and hospitality sectors. While 12 locations are currently earmarked for development, plans are underway to extend similar initiatives to an additional 33 places in the future.

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