26 Mar 2024

Tragic Outcome: Karnataka Engineer Loses ₹1 Crore in IPL Betting, Wife Dies of Suicide

Bengaluru: The story of Darshan Babu, an engineer with a penchant for cricket betting, took a devastating turn recently when his wife, Ranjitha, succumbed to the pressures of their mounting debts, leading to her tragic suicide.

Darshan, employed as an assistant engineer in the Minor Irrigation Department at Hosadurga, Karnataka, had been deeply entrenched in IPL betting from 2021 to 2023. His addiction to the thrill of betting not only drained their finances but also pushed them into a whirlwind of debt. Reports indicate that Darshan, in pursuit of recouping his losses, borrowed hefty sums, accumulating a staggering debt of over ₹1 crore.

Ranjitha, just 23 years old, tragically ended her life by hanging herself at their home in Chitradurga on March 18. According to family accounts, the incessant harassment by creditors, fueled by Darshan's gambling addiction, had become unbearable for her.

Deceased was distressed by constant pressure from moneylenders

Venkatesh, Ranjitha's father, revealed that his daughter became aware of Darshan's betting activities in 2021. She was distressed by the constant pressure from moneylenders, which ultimately led to her drastic step. In his complaint, Venkatesh implicated 13 people who allegedly lent money to Darshan.

Venkatesh asserted that Darshan was coerced into the world of betting under false promises of quick wealth by unscrupulous individuals. These people allegedly exploited Darshan's vulnerability. They lent him money for his bets in exchange for blank cheques as collateral.

The investigation uncovered a heart-wrenching suicide note left behind by Ranjitha, detailing the ordeal of harassment they endured. The couple leaves behind a two-year-old son, adding another layer of tragedy to this deeply distressing tale.

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