27 Mar 2024

What did AAP leader Atishi say when Kejriwal did not get relief from High Court?

Delhi government minister and AAP leader Atishi has given her reaction on Wednesday evening on Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal not getting relief from the Delhi High Court.

She said, "The High Court's decision today is very important. Because ever since Kejriwal ji has been arrested, AAP and opposition leaders have been raising questions that this is illegal and undemocratic."

Atishi said, "Today Delhi High Court took cognisance of the fact that this arrest may be illegal, undemocratic and politically motivated. The Court clearly said in its order that a proper investigation in this case needs to be conducted. It has issued a directive to the ED to give its reply by April 2.”

AAp leader said further, "The High Court has clearly said in paragraph 15 of its order that there is a need to investigate this matter and the court will now have to hear this matter. The court will have to investigate this matter whether this arrest is politically motivated."

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