8 Apr 2024

26/11 Attacks Mastermind Hafiz Saeed Hospitalized in Pakistan After Alleged Poisoning: Social Media Buzz

Hafiz Saeed, the notorious figure behind the 26/11 attacks, has been hospitalized in Pakistan after allegedly being poisoned, stirring up reactions across social media platforms.

According to reports, Saeed was purportedly poisoned by an unidentified person and was subsequently rushed to hospital.

Under tight security, Pakistani authorities are overseeing Saeed's treatment, intensifying the buzz on social media platforms. The news quickly made its way to the trending topics on various platforms, sparking a flurry of reactions.

On platforms like X (formerly Twitter), users were quick to share their thoughts. Shrutii posted a picture with a caption suggesting approval of the poisoning, while Indu sought confirmation regarding the news.

Shrutii shared a picture and wrote on X, "Hafiz Saeed is poisoned by an Unknown Man and currently he is in ICU. The unknown man did his duty very well..."

Indu said "Modi ji: Is this news about Hafiz Saeed confirmed, right?

Mota Bhai chimed in, referencing prior assurances made by Modi and implying meticulous planning behind the reported poisoning.  He said before carrying out the mission, a satisfactory test of poison was done in the jail of UP. There is no question of escape.

S Garg shared a picture of Hafiz Saeed on X and wrote, "Will enter the house and kill terrorist, Hafiz Saeed who is the murderer of 166 people and was the mastermind of 26/11. During the Congress era, terrorists like Kasab were fed biryani. In Modi's era, terrorists are being fed "poisonous kheer". @zoo_bear Your face is black..."

Another user, Raman x targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and journalist Barkha Dutt and said, "Big Big loss for Barkha Dutt and Rahul Gandhi's congress #HafizSaeed considered them as his friends in India: * #BarkhaDutt (@ 1:02 min) * #Congress Party Big hearted."

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