8 Apr 2024

Khajuraho: Is there still hope for INDIA Alliance even after cancellation of SP candidate Meera Yadav's nomination?

Lok Sabha Election-2024: Despite the setback caused by the cancellation of the Samajwadi Party (SP) candidate's nomination for the Khajuraho Lok Sabha seat, hopes are still alive for the India Alliance, particularly Congress, to make a significant impact. 

Initially, the alliance had allocated the Khajuraho seat to the SP, but with the cancellation of Meera Yadav's nomination, the situation appeared to favor a one-sided victory for the BJP candidateVD Sharma. However, the INDIA alliance has decided to continue the fight.

Patwari hinted at a strategic plan

Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee President, Jitu Patwari, hinted at a strategic plan in a recent press conference. While not revealing specifics, he indicated that key leaders within Congress and the India Alliance have prepared a strategy for the Khajuraho seat. Patwari suggested that a new candidate aligned with the India Alliance would emerge. However, he did not disclose further details. 

It is anticipated that a collaborative effort will be made to support one of the remaining 15 candidates, be they independents or from smaller parties, to contest under the banner of the opposition. Although the chosen candidate remains undisclosed, it's evident that Congress is committed to preventing a unilateral victory for the BJP in Khajuraho.

Raja Bhaiya Prajapati meets Jitu 

Additionally, Raja Bhaiya Prajapati, the All India Forward Bloc candidate and a retired IAS officer, met with Jitu Patwari to seek support following the SP candidate's disqualification. Prajapati asserted his candidacy's strength among the remaining opposition contenders and emphasized that support from Congress and other India Alliance partners could pose a formidable challenge to the BJP. The decision now rests with the India Alliance, including Congress and the SP, on how to navigate this situation.

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