29 Apr 2024

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Madhya Pradesh: Is Imarti Devi disillusioned with BJP, will she return to Cong?

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Madhya Pradesh: Imarti Devi, a former minister and known supporter of Jyotiraditya Scindia, has found herself in controversy once again due to a viral audio circulating on social media. In the audio, she is heard discussing support for Congress candidates, raising questions about her loyalty to the BJP. 

While Imarti Devi has denied the authenticity of the audio, speculation has arisen about her potential return to the Congress party.

Imarti Devi has a history of political involvement with both the Congress and BJP. When Scindia was with Congress, Imarti continued to win as an MLA from the Dabra seat on the Congress ticket although party did not perform so well on other seats in the region. 

But switch to BJP did not prove beneficial for Imarti. Not only did she lose after contesting the election on BJP ticket, but she also became a victim of BJP's internal politics. Imarti Devi spoke publicly many times about this and also made many allegations against a senior leader of BJP. 

Now, with the name of Imarti Devi appearing in the new controversy of viral audio, questions are being raised whether she wants to return to Congress. However, Imarti Devi has called the audio fake and has said that she will stay with Scindia and BJP at any cost. 

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