10 Apr 2024

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: PM Modi blasts DMK in Vellore, said- the land of Tamil Nadu is going to create history

Addressing an election rally in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Tamil Nadu has an oportunity to lead a developed India. But DMK wants to keep Tamil Nadu trapped in old thinking and old politics. PM said that the entire DMK has become a family's company. The youth of Tamil Nadu are not getting a chance to move ahead because of DMK's family politics.

PM Modi is continuously campaigning vigorously for the Lok Sabha elections-2024. He reached Vellore in Tamil Nadu. Where the PM said in an election rally that the people sitting in Delhi would not actually know that this time the land of Vellore is going to create a new history. BJP and NDA are getting immense public support in Tamil Nadu. The whole of Tamil Nadu is saying in one voice 'Once again Modi government.' 

While making a political attack on DMK, the PM said that the entire DMK has become a family company. The main basis of DMK's politics is divide and divide with divide. This party makes the people of the country fight in the name of language and religion along with caste.


Tamil Nadu plays an important role in India's development

PM Modi said that it was once said about India that its economy could fail at any time. Today, India is emerging as a power in the world. He is happy that Tamil Nadu has played an important role in India's development. Modi said that he wishes everyone a happy New Year on April 14. He strongly believes that this year will further strengthen the development journey of Tamil Nadu. The upcoming elections will create new enthusiasm among the people of Tamil Nadu.

We will have to make developed Tamil Nadu and developed India

The Prime Minister said from the election platform that we will have to together make 'Developed India' with 'Developed Tamil Nadu'. In the last ten years, the NDA led central government has laid the foundation of a developed India. He said that before 2014, India was famous for scams. There was nothing in its economy except a dilapidated condition.

But the current picture of India is emerging as a global power. He is happy to say that Tamil Nadu has played a significant and pivotal role in strengthening India. Tamil Nadu's contribution in the space and manufacturing sectors cannot be forgotten. Its contribution is yielding amazing results. 

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