1 Apr 2024

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Who is Kamal Nath's Trusted Confidant Vikram Ahake Who Joined BJP in Chhindwara; Nath Once Faced Party’s Opposition for Ahake

The political landscape in Madhya Pradesh continues to shift ahead of Lok Sabha Election 2024 as Vikram Ahake, a trusted confidant of Kamal Nath and the tribal Mayor of Chhindwara, has crossed over to the BJP. Ahake's defection marks the third significant departure from Kamal Nath's camp ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, following in the footsteps of MLA Kamlesh Pratap Shah.

Ahake formally joined the BJP ranks at the Chief Minister Mohan Yadav's residence in Bhopal, underscoring the growing influence of the opposing party in Nath's stronghold. His move amplifies the BJP's strategic focus on Chhindwara, a constituency where they aim to overturn previous electoral defeats, particularly targeting Kamal Nath's son, Nakul Nath, who is contesting on the Congress ticket.

The timing of Ahake's defection aligns with a broader trend of Congress members defecting to the BJP in Chhindwara, a trend that has seen over 2,000 party members crossing over. This mass exodus poses a formidable challenge to the Congress's electoral prospects, particularly in a constituency historically associated with Kamal Nath's political dominance.

As Nakul Nath faces off against BJP candidate Vivek Sahu in the upcoming elections, the BJP's intensified efforts in Chhindwara underscore the high stakes involved. While speculations once swirled around the possibility of Kamal Nath and Nakul Nath defecting to the BJP themselves, such rumors have now subsided, leaving the Congress to confront mounting challenges in retaining its stronghold.

Ahake's political journey 

Ahake's political journey reflects his grassroots origins and rise within the Congress ranks. From humble beginnings in Rajakhoh village, he emerged as a prominent figure, securing victory as Mayor of Chhindwara and effectively representing the Congress in various capacities. However, his allegiance to Kamal Nath did not deter his decision to switch sides, signaling a significant setback for the Congress in the region.

Ahake has made his mark through his hard work

Ahake was elected mayor of Chhindwara at the age of 30. He is a resident of Rajakhoh village. Ahake's father is a farmer and mother is an Anganwadi worker. He has made his mark in the area through his hard work. When he won the mayor's election, a picture of him went viral. In the picture, he was seen barefoot, wearing simple clothes and carrying a load of wood.

Led Cong to victory on post of Mayor after 18 years

After studying BA, he contested the Sarpanch election in 2015, but he was defeated. Vikram Ahake had led Congress to victory on the post of Mayor after 18 years. He defeated BJP's Anant Dhurve by 3,786 votes.

In Congress, Ahake has held many positions ranging from acting district president of NSUI, parliamentary representative to spokesperson of the District Congress Committee. In the election affidavit, he has declared his total movable assets worth Rs 338500 and immovable assets worth Rs 560000.

Nath faced opposition from party when he proposed Ahake’s name

A key loyalist of senior Congress leader Kamal Nath, Ahake’s name was suggested for the mayoral post by Nath in 2022 despite opposition from a section of the Chhindwara party unit.

However, Kamal Nath’s decision prevailed and Ahake became mayor at the same time Droupadi Murmu became India’s first tribal President.

Ahake’s elevation was seen as an attempt by the Congress to counter the BJP’s game plan of making inroads into the tribal community, which forms a significant chunk of the Congress’s voting base.

BJP has been weaning away Cong leaders in Chhindwara

The latest development comes on the heels of tribal MLA and member of the erstwhile Harrai royal family Kamlesh Pratap Shah quitting the party over differences with Kamal Nath’s son and sitting MP Nakul Nath. The BJP has been weaning away Congress leaders in Chhindwara, claiming to break away more than 2,000 of them in the district in an attempt to win the lone seat that eluded them in the previous election.

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