28 Apr 2024

Madhya Pradesh: Politics heats up over Alirajpur Jobat rape incident; Jitu Patwari visits survivor's house

Madhya Pradesh: Amidst the Lok Sabha elections, politics has heated up over the rape incident in Alirajpur's Jobat. Congress has made serious allegations against BJP in a joint press conference in Bhopal.  

Congress Media Department Chairman Mukesh Nayak said that a minor had gone to attend a wedding. Meanwhile, she was gang-raped while she was defecating in the open. 

Mukesh Nayak, Lok Sabha candidate Omkar Singh Markam, former MLA Kunal Chaudhary while discussing with the journalists said that the 11 year old girl had been raped in Jobat by the nephew of BJP candidate Sunita Nagar.

The girl had gone to attend a wedding ceremony. When the girl went to defecate in the open, she was gang raped. Mukesh Nayak said that PM Modi is saying that we have built crores of toilets, but a girl who had gone to defecate in the open in the Agriculture Minister's constituency and was raped. Government's cliam about building toilets is false. 

'Law and order has become a privilege for those in power'

Nayak said that Madhya Pradesh remains number 1 in crime. Law and order has become a privilege for those in power and those associated with power.

Kunal Chaudhary said that such a big incident has happened in Jobat, the government should tell when will the bulldozer run on the accused’s house and when will the Bharatiya Janata Party break its ties with the accused family. 

Omkar Singh Markam said that in the current situation BJP is losing people’s support. BJP is in panic after 2 phases of voting. PM Modi had given a target of 29 seats. But BJP is not able to save even half the seats in two phases.

Mukesh Nayak said that this incident is exactly like  Nirbhaya incident of Delhi. He said the Chief Minister asked people in public meeting to raise their hands. He said those of you who are getting free food grains supplied by the government should raise their hands. CM said that food grains were available in bulk in Ram Rajya or in the BJP government. 

Nayak said the CM probably doesn't know that there was no poor person in Ram Rajya, India is number 1 in the world and in India MP is number 1 in malnutrition.

Patwari visits survivor's house

Congress leader Jitu Patwari visited the house of rape survivor. Later, while discussing with the media in Alirajpur, Patwari said that he has met the victim's family. There the sisters expressed their pain and said that this keeps happening to us and we are not even able to raise our voice. Because these people attack us together.

Patwari asked the policemen present there to provide security and expressed displeasure that even after such a big incident, the Collector and SP have not yet reached the victim's family.

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