20 Apr 2024

Meet Spain's first virtual model Aitana: You cannot even imagine that she is a non-human

Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI is a wonderful invention of science and technology of the 21st century. AI is doing most of the works that would take humans a long time to do. This technology has brought to the world an alternative to flesh-and-blood people. The invention of AI has made various tasks much easier than before. Layoffs have started in the IT sector. Company owners do not want to hire employees to do work that can be easily done by machines. AI is doing human work very well in less time.

Meet Aitana, Spain's pioneering creation in the realm of artificial intelligence. While looking at her or talking with her, you can not even imagine that she is a non-human. Aitana, Spain's first virtual model, has human-like allure and proficiency. With a captivating visage boasting a radiant glow and luscious pink locks, Aitana embodies a charm reminiscent of Hollywood's finest. Surpassing mere aesthetics, this AI creation commands a monthly income of €9,000, translating to a staggering Rs 9 lakhs in Indian currency.

Aitana is the creation of The Clueless

Aitana emerges as the brainchild of The Clueless, an AI modeling agency situated in Spain. Their mission, as articulated on their website, revolves around crafting enduring models that eloquently embody diverse personalities.

Rubén Cruz, the visionary behind Aitana and the founder of The Clueless, elucidates that her inception stemmed from the challenges faced with real-life influencers. Their unpredictable nature often incurred financial setbacks for his agency.

"Numerous projects encountered delays or cancellations due to unforeseen issues, frequently attributed to the behavior of influencers or models," Cruz conveyed to Euronews.

The remedy to this conundrum was the creation of an enticing model endowed with all the desirable traits, devoid of any attitude.

Aitana earns lakhs of rupees

Aitana is very beautiful. She has thick wavy pink hair all over her head. Her beauty reminds one of a Barbie doll. Aitana dresses beautifully and her skin glows like a human being. There is no trace of machinery or technology in it. Aitana's glow will outshine even the best Hollywood models. Not only this, this AI model from Spain earns lakhs of rupees. Aitana's monthly income is nine thousand euros. This is equivalent to nine lakh rupees in Indian currency.

Thousands of fans on social media

A team of designers and AI experts have worked hard for years to develop Aitana. Now this model has thousands of fans on social media. Aitana's design has been created in Photoshop. After this, personality, appearance and lifestyle characteristics are included in it.

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