22 Apr 2024

MP: Decline in Voter Turnout Across 6 Lok Sabha Seats Sparks Concern Among Political Parties, Who Gets Hurt

In the initial phase of the Lok Sabha elections on April 19, voter turnout across 6 constituencies in Madhya Pradesh dipped to 67.08 percent, signaling a notable decrease from the 2019 elections by approximately 8 percent. This decline has raised apprehensions among political parties as they analyze the factors influencing this trend.

BJP Grapples with Decreased Voter Turnout

The decline poses a significant challenge for the BJP, which had meticulously mobilized its party cadre across every polling station. Despite extensive efforts, including the distribution of incentives like yellow rice, voter participation fell short, registering at 67.08 percent, marking a 7.5% drop from the previous elections in 2019.

Did the Soaring Temp Deterred Voters?

It is believed the soaring temperatures across the state could have deterred voters from venturing out. However, the decline in turnout has worried both BJP and the Congress, prompting introspection among candidates. While Chhindwara witnessed the highest turnout at 79.8 percent, a slight decrease from the previous election, factors such as soaring temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius and a shift in voter sentiment toward the ruling party could have contributed to the lower participation.

Lack of Salient Issues Deterred Voter Mobilization

In such a situation, political analysts say that the voters did not come out to vote. There was a lack of issues from both the ruling and opposition parties that could have brought the voters to the polling booth. Notably, important issues like Modi's leadership and the Ram temple discourse failed to resonate as strongly as in previous elections, contributing to the reduced turnout.  At the same time, this time there was less interest among the public in the Lok Sabha elections from the very beginning. Experts say that the reason for this is the large size of the constituency in the Lok Sabha elections.

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