14 Apr 2024

MP: Feeling Betrayed, Nisha Bangre parts ways with Congress, says this about Kamal Nath

Former administrative officer Nisha Bangre has resigned from Congress. During a discussion with journalists in a private hotel on Sunday, Nisha Bangre said about former CM Kamal Nath that when Kamal Nath did not want to give her the ticket then why was she made to resign from the service. First she was promised a ticket in the Assembly elections. Later she was promised a ticket in the Lok Sabha elections but the ticket was not given. When the ticket was not to be given, then why was she forced to resign from the service, she asked.

Nisha Bangre, who relinquished her role as Deputy Collector to vie for a seat in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections of 2023, has formally severed ties with the Congress party, just five days ahead of the Lok Sabha Polls. Speculations are rife that she might soon align herself with the BJP.

Nisha Bangre said that Kamal Nath has also insulted women and Dalit society. Congress people have also insulted Baba Saheb Ambedkar. Now I have pledged that I will work to defeat Congress in the Lok Sabha elections.

When Nisha Bangre was asked whether she would join BJP, she said that she has just applied for return to service, now the government should decide what to do. I have resolved to campaign against Congress, she said.

Nisha Bangre said that after closely assessing the intentions of the Congress for the last six months, she found that the Congress couldn't be trusted. They declared candidates on 229 seats and by pretending to keep one seat, Amla, on hold for me, they tried to garner the votes of the community. 

In a missive addressed to Congress State President Jitu Patwari, Bangre pleaded to be released from all party obligations, alleging betrayal and machinations orchestrated by the party to obstruct her electoral aspirations.

In a poignant two-page letter, Bangre expressed her wish to champion the cause of marginalized segments of society and uphold the legacy of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. 

Bangre lambasted the Congress for its apparent disregard for women, highlighting the dearth of female representation in the party's upper echelons, glaringly evident in the recent 2024 Lok Sabha elections in Madhya Pradesh. Feeling marginalized and disenchanted by the party's conduct, she sought to be relieved from all party obligations, pledging her allegiance to Dr. Ambedkar's principles.

Following her disenchantment with the Congress, Bangre expressed her intent to resume her former government post as Deputy Collector in Chhatarpur district. Initially vacating this position while serving as SDM in Lavkush Nagar, Chhatarpur district, to pursue her political ambitions, her resignation from government service was sanctioned only after the Congress had nominated Manoj Malve as its candidate, effectively thwarting her electoral bid.

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