4 Apr 2024

Nehruvian ideology has ended in country, what more Sanjay Nirupam said after expulsion from Congress

Following his expulsion from Congress, Sanjay Nirupam disclosed where the paryty is heading towards.

In a press briefing subsequent to his ousting, Nirupam revealed that he had tendered his resignation before facing expulsion. He cited internal strife among various factions within the Congress as a source of distress for party members.

Addressing reporters, he remarked, "I resigned befoe the expulsion by the party. Inter-factional conflicts are causing great harm to the party. Despite my patience, the situation reached a breaking point, evident in recent events."

He highlighted disillusionment among party members stemming from internal discord. Expressing concern over the future, Nirupam identified five key power centers within Congress: Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Mallikarjun Kharge, and KC Venugopal.

Nirupam asserted that the Nehruvian ideology, upon which Congress historically relied, is no longer acceptable to the people and has ceased to exist. He noted a shift away from Nehruvian secularism and criticized Congress for clinging to outdated principles. He also suggested a prevalence of left-leaning ideologies within the party, particularly around Rahul Gandhi.

He said, “Gandhi brought secularism and there was no opposition to religion in his secularism, but when Nehru ji adopted it, it was against religion. That ideology continued for 70 years but every ideology has its time and then it ends. The same should happen in Nehruvian secularism also. That ideology has now ended. But Congress is not ready to accept this. Left ideologues dominate Congress.”

Responding to Nirupam's remarks, Congress general secretary KC Venugopal issued a statement late Wednesday, citing "indiscipline" and "anti-party statements" as grounds for expulsion.

Earlier that day, the party had released its list of star campaigners for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, from which Nirupam's name was conspicuously absent.

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