9 May 2024

What Akash Anand said in response to Mayawati's decision?

Akash Anand has reacted on his removal from the post of National Coordinator of Bahujan Samaj Party.

Akash Anand says that Mayawati is a universally accepted leader of the party and her decision is acceptable.

Mayawati on Tuesday issued an order to remove Akash Anand from the post of National Coordinator.

Akash Anand said, "Respected Bahan Mayawati ji, you are a role model for the entire Bahujan community, crores of countrymen worship you."

"It is because of your struggles that our society has got such political strength today due to which the Bahujan community has been able to learn to live with respect."

Akash Anand said, “You are our universally accepted leader. Your order is in full force. I will keep fighting till my last breath for Bhim Mission and my society.

Mayawati had declared Akash Anand as her successor some time ago. Mayawati has also taken back this responsibility from Akash Anand.

Akash Anand is the son of Mayawati's youngest brother Anand Kumar.

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