7 May 2024

Kharge writes to leaders of India Alliance, what he said about Election Commission?

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has written a letter to his fellow parties of the India alliance in which it has been said that this Lok Sabha election is a fight to save 'democracy and the Constitution' and the credibility of the Election Commission is at the 'lowest level'.

In this letter, Kharge wrote – “For the first time, there has been such a delay in disclosing the final percentage of the first and second phase of voting. Media reports show that the list of voters for the third phase has not even been released, which is a matter of concern.”

He said, “All these things raise deep doubts on the functioning of the Election Commission. The Election Commission is an institution that has been created by the collective efforts of the common people.”

Kharge wrote further, “Earlier the Election Commission used to inform the percentage of votes polled within 24 hours, but why this delay this time? The Commission did not give any explanation for this. Even after the delay, many important information has not been given in the data that has been provided by the Commission. The Election Commission should also provide information about the percentage of votes polled at each polling station.”

“I appeal to all of you to come together and raise your voice against such irregularities.”

After the last two phases of voting, the Election Commission had released the data of total voting percentage after two days.

In this too, the data on the number of votes cast on the seats was not released. Regarding this, opposition parties and some activists working for transparency are raising questions on the Election Commission.

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