12 May 2024

Lok Sabha Election-2024: What PM Modi said about CAA, reservation on basis of religion at Barrackpore rally

Lok Sabha Election-2024: Barrackpore: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday reiterated that the NDA would not allow reservation on the basis of religion as the Congress-led INDI Alliance was attempting for Muslim community.

Addressing a massive rally at the Industrial Barrackpore in North 24 Parganas in favour of BJP's sitting candidate Arjun Singh, Modi ruled out cut on existing reservation for the ST and SC and vouched for the CAA, meant for granting citizenship to those refugees, who arrived after being persecuted on religious ground from other parts of the world.

Modi described the Mamata Banerjee-led TMC government as the worst run regime in the history of independent India for its series of corruptions and torture on the women at Sandeshkhali.

After observing the increasing surge of attendance, especially women, "I can see a much bigger change this time than in 2019, " and said he would stand for them as guarantor in the next five years.

He accused the TMC government of treating the Hindus as second class citizens for its vote bank politics on the support of infiltrators.

No one can dare demolish Ram Mandir: Modi

Among his five guarantees, Modi spelt out that no one can dare demolish Ram Mandir in Ayodhya and attack the processions on Ram Navani day in Bengal.

The PM accused the Congress-led INDI Alliance of conspiring in association with the TMC and Left to move against Ram Mandir, to allow reservation for Muslim community on religious ground and abrogation of CAA.

TMC govt doesn't allow people to take Lord Ram's name: PM

'The TMC government doesn't allow people to take Lord Ram's name, and celebrate Ram Navami. Hindus have become second class citizens inBengal under the TMC rule, and to scare the people it has made bomb making a cottage industry in the state, ' Modi said and warned that each and every crime would be dealt with sternly in the near future.

He also revealed that there was a bigger scam happening in Bengal under the TMC that a CAG (Comptroller of Account General) report alleged the Bengal government has not furnished accounts of Rs 2,3000 Crore.

'Each and every paise's account would have to be given'

"I ask where the money goes under which schemes and I tell you that each and every paise's account would have to be given or else the appropriate action would be taken, " he stated and also asked why crores and crores of rupees are seized from the ministers' houses in Bengal.

Modi said the teachers' recruitment scam was also a shame for Bengal." We are consulting with the lawyers how to distribute the seized funds to the people whose money was laundered in Bengal, " Modi informed.

Earlier Modi said, " I take your blessings. The BJP is going to get a bigger success than in 2019. West Bengal is an important state for us. Congress ruled for 50 years, but people of Eastern India only got poverty despite the states being capable. These states have mineral resources and fertile land. These states also have tourism potential. I have decided to make these states an engine of growth for Viksit Bharat after the Look East policy was unveiled. '

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