7 May 2024

Madhya Pradesh Honey Trap Case: Bhopal Court Delivers Verdict After Victim Claims She Was Not Exploited

Bhopal: Bhopal court's verdict has come in the much talked about honey trap case of Madhya Pradesh. This honey trap case had created a stir in the politics of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal court has given its verdict in the human trafficking case related to the much talked about honey trap. 

Special public prosecutor Sudhavijay Singh Bhaodoria said, “Those acquitted include Sweta Vijay Jain, Arti Dayal and Abhishek Singh. Sweta Swapnil Jain was already acquitted in 2020 from human tracking charge. ADJ Pallavi Dwivedi passed the order.”

The human trafficking case, initially registered by the state CID in Bhopal, was later transferred to the SIT. It was also allowed to frame charges against Shweta Vijay Jain, Arti Dayal and Abhishek Singh.

Madhya Pradesh police had arrested six people including five women and one man in connection with the honey trap case in September 2019 on complaint of the then chief engineer of Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) Harbhajan Singh who had complained in Palasia police station, Indore that he was being blackmailed by some women who were demanding Rs 3 crore.

The human trafficking case under Sections 370 and 370 (a) of IPC was registered on the complaint of Monika Yadav's father, who alleged that his daughter was pushed into such activities by other members of the gang. Monika Yadav is one of the six accused persons arrested in connection with the honey trap case.

Victim refused to recognize the accused

In the District Court of the capital Bhopal, the court acquitted three accused in the human trafficking case related to the high profile honey trap case of the state. Victim Monika Yadav refused to identify the three accused Aarti Dayal, Shweta Jain and Abhishek Singh Thakur in the court. After this the accused were acquitted by the court. 

CID also could not present any evidence in this case. After the lengthy argument, this case has also been closed with the acquittal of the accused of human trafficking. The hearing of the honey trap case was going on in Indore court.

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