28 May 2024

MP Lok Sabha Election 2024: Anticipation Among BJP Leaders for New Assignments After Poll Results Declaration

It has been two weeks since the Lok Sabha election-2024 were completed in Madhya Pradesh, and leaders are eagerly anticipating the results. With the announcement scheduled for June 4, several BJP leaders are expecting shifts in their responsibilities.

Potential Changes in Leadership Roles

The future roles of former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, party's state unit president VD Sharma, organisational general secretary Hitanand Sharma, and others are under consideration. These leaders are optimistic about BJP's return to power in Delhi.

If BJP forms the government, both Shivraj Singh Chouhan and VD Sharma are likely to be considered for roles in the Union Ministry.

Speculations suggest that Hitanand Sharma might be appointed organisational general secretary in another state if the party seeks his expertise elsewhere.

State Leadership Adjustments

If VD Sharma moves on to a national role, the BJP will require a new state unit president. Potential candidates for this position are: Narottam Mishra; Kailash Vijayvargiya Lal Singh Arya and Sumer Singh Solanki.

Organizational Changes and Ministerial Adjustments

With no major elections imminent in the state post-Lok Sabha elections, the BJP considers this an opportune moment for organizational restructuring. Changes may also extend to ministerial roles, with some legislators expected to be sworn in while a few current ministers might be replaced.

Anticipated Changes in Congress

Similar to the BJP, the Congress party might undergo significant changes post-election. MPCC president Jitu Patwari aims to assemble his own team, potentially introducing new faces while phasing out some older ones.

Digvijaya Singh's political stature will depend on the Rajgarh Lok Sabha election outcome. A win would elevate his influence within the party.

The former Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s future role hinges on the results from the Chhindwara constituency, which will determine his continuing influence and responsibilities in the party.

Both major parties are poised for a potential reshuffling of roles and responsibilities following the Lok Sabha election-2024 results, setting the stage for a dynamic political landscape.

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