24 May 2024

MP News: Is debt-ridden MP Government preparing to sell properties? What Jitu Patwari claimed?

MP News: PCC Chief Jitu Patwari has been criticizing the Mohan Yadav government regarding the economy of Madhya Pradesh. He stated that the Madhya Pradesh government is in debt of 3 lakh 73 thousand crores, and the Reserve Bank has reportedly declined to provide further loans to the MP government. Additionally, Patwari alleged that the Mohan government is planning to sell properties owned by Madhya Pradesh.

Sharing a speech by CM Mohan Yadav on his social media, Jitu Patwari wrote, "The greatness of the economy is being described by a person who is running the government on loans. The same person who has now been refused further loans by the Reserve Bank. The same person who is preparing to sell the property of Madhya Pradesh."

Jitu's jibe on Ladli Bahna

Taking a dig at the Mohan government, Jitu Patwari further wrote, "The same person who is not giving Rs 3000 per month to the Ladli Bahnas. The same person who is unable to provide the support price of Rs 2700 for wheat. The same person who is unable to give Rs 3100 per quintal for paddy. The same person who is unable to provide a cooking gas cylinder for Rs 450."

Preparing to sell properties

In a previous statement, Jitu Patwari raised concerns about the economy, stating that the Madhya Pradesh government, with a debt of 3.73 lakh crores, is considering selling or renting out properties belonging to MP's departments in other states. Additionally, Patwari mentioned that the finance department has requested all departments to disclose details about their properties in different states, including their location, form, and value. Any properties involved in legal proceedings or disputes are also required to be reported.

Market value of properties is also being requested

Referring to media sources, Jitu Patwari stated, "The objective of this initiative is to compile information about the properties of different departments situated outside Madhya Pradesh, with the intention of generating funds through their sale or rental. In addition to details about the present condition of the properties, their current market value is also being requested."

Modi govt responsible for historical debt burden

Continuing his criticism, the PCC Chief mentioned that Mohan Yadav and all BJP leaders no longer have the ethical authority to discuss economic matters, attributing the historical debt burden of the country to the Narendra Modi government. Jitu Patwari has urged the Madhya Pradesh government to release a white paper on the issue.

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