28 May 2024

MP News: Rahul Gandhi corners BJP government over three deaths in a Dalit family in Sagar within a year

Last year, a Dalit youth was beaten to death in Khurai of Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh and now the youth's uncle and sister have also died. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has targeted the BJP government and Narendra Modi.

Anjana Ahirwar died last Sunday after falling from the ambulance carrying her uncle's body. Anjana's brother had died in 2019.

Rahul Gandhi expressed on Twitter, "The rule of law has been undermined by Narendra Modi. Reflecting on the treatment of a Dalit family in Madhya Pradesh by BJP leaders fills me with sorrow and frustration. It is regrettable that, under BJP governance, the government consistently appears to support the perpetrators rather than the women who have been victimized."

Anjana had lodged an FIR after her brother's murder and claimed that some people were pressurizing her to change her statement in the molestation case.

The death of Anjana's brother Nitin Ahirwar was linked to a molestation incident that took place in the year 2019.

The family alleged that the 2019 incident had happened with Nitin's sister and the family was being pressurized to withdraw the case. When they refused, the accused beat Nitin to death.

Anjana's uncle Rajendra Ahirwar was also beaten to death on May 25 by some people due to old rivalry.

Congress has claimed on its X handle that after the murder of the Dalit girl's brother, BJP leaders were pressurizing the family for a compromise. The girl's uncle was called three days ago to settle the matter and he was murdered there. Congress party has also termed Anjana Ahirwar's death as suspicious.

Rahul Gandhi said that such incidents break the courage of every person who has no other way to seek justice except the law.

"I assure you that we will create such a system where even the weakest person will be able to raise his voice strongly against oppression. We cannot allow justice to become dependent on wealth and power," he posted on X.

Congress earlier alleged that local BJP leaders sexually assaulted Anjana Ahirwar and kept threatening her not to tell it to anyone.

"First the BJP leaders sexually assaulted a Dalit girl and then kept threatening her not to tell this to anyone. The frightened girl told this to her family, and then, after a lot of efforts, an FIR was lodged. After this, BJP leaders started pressuring the Dalit family for a compromise. When the family did not agree to the compromise, the girl's brother was beaten to death. When the girl's mother came to intervene, she was stripped naked. After the murder of the Dalit girl's brother, BJP leaders were putting a lot of pressure on the family for a compromise," Congress posted on it official X handle.

Jitu Patwari visits victim's house

Meanwhile, earlier Digvijaya Singh and now Jitu Patwari reached the victim's house on Tuesday. As soon as he reached here, Jitu Patwari got the victim's family members to talk directly to Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi talked to the victim's family of Khurai. PCC Chief Jitu Patwari got the family members of the victim's family talk to Rahul Gandhi over phone.

The victim's family members told Rahul that pressure was being put on them to change their statement. For this reason, their family members died under mysterious circumstances.

Rahul Gandhi told the victim's family that he will help them in every possible way. While talking to the victim's family, Rahul Gandhi said, 'We stand with you, do not panic. Whatever you need, we will help you."

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