24 May 2024

MP News: Who is Shivraj Singh Chouhan's younger daughter-in-law-to-be Riddhi Jain; how love between her and son Kunal Chouhan bloomed?

MP News: Shivraj Singh Chouhan: The Lok Sabha elections in Madhya Pradesh for 2024 have concluded, and the anticipation for the election results is high. Following the conclusion of the elections in Madhya Pradesh, former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is actively engaging in campaigning for BJP candidates in Delhi.

Meanwhile, there has been a positive development involving former CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan. His son, Kunal Chouhan, has recently become engaged in a private ceremony in Bhopal.

Riddhi Jain, the fiancée of Kunal Chouhan, comes from the Jain family of Bhopal, specifically as the granddaughter of Indermal Jain. Her father, Dr. IM Jain, is a resident of Bhopal. The engagement event was kept highly confidential. 

Kunal Singh Chouhan, who maintains a distance from politics, is the younger son of Shivraj Singh Chouhan and oversees M/s Sundar Foods and Dairy situated in Vidisha.

Love story is both fascinating and heartwarming

The romance between these two youngsters is both fascinating and heartwarming. However, the engagement was so discreet that it remained a secret for two days. The news of the engagement, which occurred on the 21st of May, only surfaced two days later when the engagement photos were revealed. It is now being speculated that Kunal Chouhan has become engaged before his elder brother Kartikeya Chouhan. 

Reports suggest that Kunal Singh Chouhan and Riddhi Jain attended the same school in America. Upon returning to Bhopal, their bond grew stronger. Their relationship blossomed further when Shivraj transitioned from the CM House to Mama ka Ghar, leading to discussions about their marriage.

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