2 May 2024

What Queries Kapil Sibal Raised Regarding Election Commission

Rajya Sabha member and lawyer Kapil Sibal has raised significant concerns regarding the transparency of the Election Commission.

According to Sibal, the recent Supreme Court verdict on Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) emphasized the necessity for citizens to trust the Election Commission. However, he questions whether the Commission is truly deserving of this trust. 

Sibal said, "The data of the first phase of voting appeared on the website after 11 days. This delayed data only provided the percentage of votes cast, without disclosing the actual number of votes. I don't know the reason for this." 

Sibal said some people say that we should have faith in ECI. We will keep the faith. But the Election Commission should hold a press conference and explain why the delay has been caused.

'When doubt arises, trust diminishes'

Expressing bewilderment at this delay, Sibal asserted that trust diminishes when such doubts arise. He said, "I have spoken to many former election commissioners. They have told that when they were there, the data would be available on the website by the next morning. It was revealed the next day as to how many people had voted.

“So why did it take 11 days? When doubt arises, trust definitely diminishes.”

Giving information on Tuesday (April 30), the Election Commission has said that 66.14 percent voting has been recorded in the first phase of Lok Sabha elections and 66.71 percent voting has been recorded in the second phase.

For the first phase, voting was held on 102 seats on April 19, while in the second phase, voting was held on 88 seats on April 26.

In the data released by the Election Commission, information about the percentage of voting has been given, but the number of votes cast has not been made public.

The opposition alleges that usually this voting percentage figure is released within 24 hours. Along with the percentage, the number of votes has also been shared in earlier elections, so why was it not done this time.

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