28 Jun 2024

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Sense of fear among housemates as eliminations loom but Deepak Chaurasia unfazed

In the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house, it's been a full week for the housemates, and with the weekend approaching, there's a sense of fear among them as eliminations loom. Seven housemates, including Deepak Chaurasia, are nominated. Despite this, Deepak Chaurasia remains unfazed by the nomination, expressing openly that he values the relationships he has formed in the house and is enjoying the experience, whatever the outcome may be.

Deepak taught Naezy and Vishal how to prepare lunch

In contrast to Armaan Malik's agitation over the nominations, Deepak Chaurasia is seen conversing with housemates in a calm and simple manner. He even took the time to teach Naezy and Vishal how to prepare lunch. Vishal acknowledged Deepak's contribution, mentioning that without him, they would have struggled with cooking due to the tension among some housemates. 

Deepak Chaurasia maintains a light-hearted approach with the housemates, engaging in playful banter. Naezy was getting upset in the house because he was not able to wash his clothes, especially undergarments.In such a situation Deepak Chaurasia said in a very funny way, hey brother, that is why we have brought 40 underwears so that there is no problem.

Bigg Boss also conducted a task

On the seventh day, Bigg Boss also conducted a task in the house, in this task the housemates had to go near the well, the sound of a frog will be heard... As soon as the sound of a frog will be heard, a contestant will go to the well that has appeared in the activity area and will go there and ask for a wish. But here Bigg Boss also played a trick, if you want to ask for a wish, then you will have to sacrifice the personal belongings of any contestant in that well. And here Big Boss clearly said that Deepak Chaurasia can also participate in this task. But someone else will go to the well in his place and he will tell his wish to the housemate.

The well was not happy with the game of the housemates and it did not like the sacrifices. Big Boss asked the five people who got the chance to go near the well and ask for a wish that now you will have to name any two contestants who deserve punishment according to you. In such a situation, the two names that came up with the consent of these five people were Shivani and Ranveer... 

Deepak opposed punishment given by Bigg Boss

In such a situation, while the rest of the housemates remained silent, Deepak Chaurasia raised his voice and said that what is this punishment for? What mistake have they done? That Big Boss is punishing them with closed eyes. However, on hearing this, Armaan was seen saying that it is their house, he can do whatever he wants to do. But like a true human being, like a true journalist, Deepak Chaurasia was justified in raising the question because Ranveer and Shivani made no mistake and Bigg Boss was unnecessarily punishing them.

Deepak's marriage anniversary celebrated

Last night celebrations were held inside the Bigg Boss house. Deepak Chaurasia's 25th marriage anniversary was celebrated... Yes, Deepak Chaurasia has completed 25 years of marriage and in such a situation, all the housemates celebrated with Deepak Chaurasia at midnight and Deepak also looked very happy. 

But again and again Armaan Malik was messing with Deepak Chaurasia even at night and was repeatedly telling his wife to speak slowly... speak slowly, sir will wake up, although he was saying this very loudly and he was only trying to provoke Deepak. But Deepak did not pay any attention to people like Armaan.

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