24 Jun 2024

Bigg boss OTT Day 3: Deepak Chaurasia shows his resourcefulness, elicits laughter from everyone with his response

The third day of Bigg Boss OTT was also quite explosive. Nominations took place at night but before the nominations, Deepak Chaurasia continued the sequence of breaking news in the house.

Bigg Boss has not provided ration to the housemates yet. Deepak Chaurasia highlighted this concern in the morning, mentioning breaking news regarding the meal situation. The lunch in Bigg Boss includes one to two handfuls of dal and four to five bitter gourds. Deepak expressed apprehension about how the housemates will satisfy their hunger with this limited food supply, promising to provide updates throughout the day.

In the Bigg Boss house, Shivani's mimicry of the other housemates left them feeling uneasy, while Deepak Chaurasia embraced the situation with a generous spirit.

Deepak Chaurasia has become the most senior contestant of the Bigg Boss house and this is the reason why the housemates enjoy talking to him.

Sana inquired of Deepak Chaurasia what he would do if he fell in love with someone in the house. Deepak Chaurasia's response elicited laughter from everyone as he humorously mentioned that while Anil Kapoor's youth seems everlasting, his own seems elusive. 

Deepak shared that he cherishes only two individuals in his life, displaying their pictures as a reminder. With six sisters and numerous responsibilities, he expressed that post-marriage, the thought of loving someone else never crossed his mind.

Tense confrontation between Deepak and Armaan 

A tense confrontation unfolded last night between Deepak Chaurasia and Armaan Malik in the Bigg Boss house. Armaan's tendency to take things personally has been a point of contention for Deepak since the beginning. The dispute between them escalated into a heated argument during a discussion on food and ration. 

The housemates witnessed a glimpse of Deepak's chef-like skills although Deepak is renowned in the field of journalism. While not proficient in kitchen work, Deepak shared with Sana two mutton recipes aimed at maximizing food distribution with minimal mutton, showcasing his resourcefulness.

So there is one person in this house who has won the heart of Deepak Chaurasia and he is Neeraj. Deepak said that there is a person in this house who gives his bread to others and he is Neeraj, but according to Deepak if there is someone who is the loosest in the house then it is Naezy.

When Deepak was asked who according to him is the most hardworking person in the house, Deepak took the names of Payal, Kritika and Chandrika but he thinks that the naughtiest person in the house is Lavkesh Kataria. Deepak also revealed his three favourites and they were Deepak's Ram Lakhan i.e. Vishal Pandey, Lav Kataria and Neeraj.

Today is going to be a very explosive day in the Bigg Boss house. Because the housemates have to get ration now. The housemates have nothing to eat. Last night, Bigg Boss gave only fruits to the housemates to eat and that did not satiate their hunger. Now it remains to be seen how they fight with each other to fill their stomachs and how Bigg Boss listens to them.

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