27 Jun 2024

Bigg Boss OTT: Emotions run high on Day 6, Neeraj, Deepak Chaurasia visibly moved and emotional during first elimination from house

On Day 6 of Bigg Boss OTT, emotions ran high as a surprise mid-week elimination took place, resulting in Neeraj being evicted from the house. Neeraj's departure touched everyone, including Deepak Chaurasia. While leaving, Neeraj won hearts and said that it is a big thing for me that Deepak Chaurasia... the biggest journalist of the country... is crying because of my departure, I have won this in this house.. Even after Neeraj left, Deepak remained very emotional and kept remembering Neeraj and was seen saying that I had formed a brotherly relationship with him.

Deepak also playing a significant role in the kitchen

In this season of Bigg Boss, responsibilities in the house are assigned through tasks. Deepak has taken on the duty of chopping, which he acquired using the funds provided by Lavkesh. While handling the chopping duty diligently, Deepak is also playing a significant role in the kitchen. Among the male contestants, he stands out as the sole individual with cooking skills. Deepak has been observed guiding Vishal and Neji in the kitchen, teaching them various recipes, including dishes with chicken and paneer.

Deepak also gave a warning to the family members. Deepak said that if I eat, walk or talk in my sleep, then don't be afraid... this is my habit and I can do this many times... In such a situation, the family members told that you were saying something in your sleep last night. Deepak said that this used to happen often. When I used to work on a story, that story used to run in my mind day and night and I used to keep talking about it even at night. Maybe the same thing is happening here too.

Deepak touches Payal's heart strings

Renowned journalist Deepak Chaurasia's reputation as one of the country's leading journalists is well-deserved. Known for his ability to uncover hidden truths, Deepak delved into the personal lives of Payal, Armaan, and Kritika. During a house meeting yesterday, Deepak sequentially questioned Armaan Malik, Payal, and Kritika about their personal experiences. The interaction took an emotional turn when Payal Malik suddenly started crying. Because Deepak Chaurasia had touched Payal's heart strings... Deepak has shown somewhere that what Armaan, Kritika and Payal are showing is not the truth...that there may be more to their interactions than meets the eye.

Deepak takes care of the house and the family members

Sometimes Deepak Chaurasia is serious, sometimes he is funny and sometimes he takes care of the house and the family members like an elder in the house and sometimes he also has fun. And he was seen having fun with Sana Sultan as well. Deepak Chaurasia, proficient in Hindi, English, and Urdu, engaged in Urdu lessons with Sana and playfully teased her, showcasing his multilingual skills while sharing a light moment with Sana Sultan.

I want that all the housemates stay together: Deepak

Deepak Chaurasia shared a poignant thought in the house, highlighting the uncertainty of their stay duration. He expressed a desire for all housemates to remain together. He said I want that all the housemates stay together for all five weeks and leave the house together, but Bigg Boss does not have so many trophies. Only one person will get the trophy and in such a situation we will keep leaving this house one by one like Neeraj left. And that is why it is very important that we know each other and this is the reason why Deepak asked so many questions to the housemates and also tried to know about them. This week there will be another elimination on Weekend Ka War and nominations have also been completed in the house. This is the second nomination of this week.

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