22 Jun 2024

Deepak Chaurasia's Dominance from Day One in Bigg Boss House

Deepak Chaurasia made a powerful impact on his very first day in the Bigg Boss OTT House. Big Boss himself was impressed by his style and nature. He expressed his appreciation for Deepak on the premiere night of Bigg Boss OTT

Deepak explained the meaning of "influencer" to Luv Kataria in his own compelling style. His approach was so compelling that even Anil Kapoor couldn't help but applaud.

Even after going inside the House, Deepak's style remained forceful. Sana Maqbool asked Deepak if he had come to a wedding house. She said in a lighter vein that it did not appear so. Then Deepak Chaurasia retorted and said that yes, there are some relatives in the house who enjoy in finding faults in everything. Throughout the day, Deepak Chaurasia seemed to relish engaging in conversations with everyone present indoors.

When Bigg Boss called him into the confession room, Deepak sought the help of Luv Kataria and Vishal due to his leg injury.

Earlier, Deepak had grilled Luv Kataria with questions on stage, but inside the house, Luv showed genuine respect for Deepak. All the housemates addressed Deepak Chaurasia as "Sir." In the confession room, Deepak expressed his feelings, saying, "Sir, I feel self-reliant. However, in this house, I feel very guilty because everyone is helping me so much, and I fear I might become a burden on someone."

In this situation, Bigg Boss asked, "Why are you thinking like this?" Deepak replied, "I don't like to trouble anyone; it's not in my nature."

Bigg Boss was taken aback by this reply. He said to Deepak, "We appreciate your perspective, but you all need to support each other to stay in this house."

Deepak Chaurasia recounted a poignant tale of a girl who tragically lost her parents in a tsunami, leaving her utterly alone in the world. Despite facing such adversity, she held onto a strong will to survive.

During a conversation with Bigg Boss about the most observant individual in and out of the house, Deepak pointed out Naezy. He highlighted Naezy's quiet and composed demeanor, noting his keen observation skills.

Deepak expressed his preference for having Naezy on his team for comprehensive reporting as an outsider. Bigg Boss appreciated Deepak's perspective. Meanwhile, Deepak Chaurasia continues to make every effort to secure his place in the house

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