26 Jun 2024

ICC T 20 World Cup 2024: Heavy rainfall in Guyana; no reserve day for India-England semifinal; what if rain hits play?

The upcoming T20 World Cup 2024 second semi-final featuring India and England is scheduled to take place in Guyana on June 27. However, with heavy rainfall currently affecting Guyana today on 26 June, there are concerns about the match proceeding as planned. The inclement weather has cast doubts on the possibility of the match being played in its entirety, with forecasts also indicating a possibility of rain and storms during the match.

ICC has allocated extra time of 250 minutes if rain affects match

The ICC has allocated an extra window of 250 minutes, equivalent to 4 hours, beyond the scheduled match end time to account for rain delays. However, if the weather conditions and pitch remain unsuitable for gameplay even within this extended period, the match may face cancellation. 

India is the table topper of Group-1 in Super-8 stage

There is no provision for a reserve day for the semi-final. In the event of a cancellation, should it occur, India, the table topper of Group-1 in the Super-8 stage, would advance to the final. India won all 3 matches of Super-8 and tops the group.

The wicket of Guyana's Providence Stadium has been covered due to rain. The ground staff is monitoring the ground.

India has won all three matches in Group-1 of Super-8 and is at the top of the points table with 6 points. If the match is cancelled, India will face the winner of Semi-Final-1 between Afghanistan and South Africa in the final.

Reserve day for first Semi-Final

The ICC has scheduled a reserve day for the first semi-final of the tournament, set to begin at 6 am. Fortunately, the likelihood of rain during the match in Trinidad is minimal. In the event of a rain-induced cancellation, Group-2 table topper South Africa would progress to the final. The final match is slated for June 29 at 8 pm.

8 out of 52 matches have been affected by rain

52 out of 55 matches have been played in this World Cup. Out of these, 8 matches were affected by rain, out of which 4 were cancelled and the result of 4 was decided by Duckworth Lewis Method (DLS).

In the league stage, one match each between India and England has been cancelled due to rain. The match between England and Scotland to be held in Barbados on 4 June was cancelled without a toss. Due to this, England had to depend on the match between Scotland and Australia to reach the Super-8. The India-Canada match to be held in Florida on 15 June was also cancelled without a toss. However, the Indian team had reached the top-8 by winning the first 3 matches of the league stage.

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