3 Jun 2024

What Mallikarjun Kharge said in his letter to bureaucrats and officials ahead of counting of votes?

Lok Sabha Election-2024: Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge has written a letter appealing to the bureaucrats and officials of the country before the counting of votes.

In this letter posted on social media platform X, Kharge has reminded civil servants and officials of their duties and constitutional rights.

Kharge has written, "The Indian National Congress now urges the entire bureaucracy to follow the Constitution, perform their duties and serve the nation without any fear, bias or malice. Do not be afraid of anyone. Do not bow down to any unconstitutional method. Do not be afraid of anyone and discharge your duties on the basis of merit on this counting day." He said that he is writing this letter in the capacity of Leader of Opposition (Rajya Sabha) and President of the Indian National Congress.

In this letter, the Congress President expressed concern about weakening the autonomous institutions of India and harming democratic values, some institutions giving up their independence and following the orders of the ruling party.

Most of the exit polls that came after the seventh phase of voting on June 1 have shown the BJP-led alliance getting a huge majority.

Leaders of the opposition India Alliance have been questioning these exit polls from the beginning and consider it a possible pressure strategy.

Leaders of opposition parties have also met the Election Commission regarding their apprehensions.

Bhupesh Baghel claims - EVMs changed before counting

Meanwhile, former Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel claimed that EVMs have been changed in many areas just before the counting of votes.

Posting on the social media platform X, he wrote, "The Election Commission had given the numbers of the machines used in the elections. This includes ballot unit, control unit and VVPAT. According to the information given in Form 17C after voting in my constituency Rajnandgaon, the numbers of many machines have changed. The booths where the numbers have been changed affect thousands of votes." 

Baghel wrote, "Similar complaints have been received in many other Lok Sabha constituencies. We are complaining to the State Election Officer. The Election Commission should answer under what circumstances the machines have been changed and who will be responsible for the impact on the election result?" 

Baghel has also released a list of changed numbers on X.

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