13 Jun 2024

MP: Bigwigs eye Scindia's Rajya Sabha seat; will KP Yadav will get chance? But there are other aspirants

Jyotiraditya Scindia has secured a victory in the Lok Sabha elections with a significant margin of approximately five and a half lakh votes. Several BJP leaders who were next in line for a Rajya Sabha seat were hopeful for his win, as it would likely lead to a vacancy in the Rajya Sabha.

Nonetheless, within the Congress party, leaders aspiring for a Rajya Sabha seat were hoping for Digvijaya Singh's victory in Rajgarh to realize their ambitions. Unfortunately, the Congressmen's hopes were not realized.

Currently, the question circulating in political circles is who the BJP will nominate for the Rajya Sabha seat left vacant by Scindia's resignation. There is speculation that the BJP might consider KP Yadav for this vacant seat.

Indeed, Scindia was granted the ticket after some internal adjustments. The ticket of Yadav was cut and Scindia was given the ticket. Even during the election campaign, Union Home Minister Amit Shah mentioned that plans had been made for the future of KP Yadav. 

Incidentally, two other senior BJP leaders from Gwalior district, Dr. Narottam Mishra and Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya, are also vying for a Rajya Sabha seat. Narottam Mishra's claim is also considered strong because during this Lok Sabha election, he completely demolished the Congress and got more than 18 thousand Congressmen to join the BJP.

The hopeful candidates for the Rajya Sabha are, however, concerned that the BJP might prioritize an outsider leader over local contenders, potentially impacting their chances.

Scindia had lost to BJP candidate KP Yadav in 2019

Jyotiraditya Scindia had contested the 2019 Lok Sabha elections on a Congress ticket and lost to BJP candidate KP Yadav. After that Scindia joined BJP in 2020. After this, Kamal Nath's 15-month government fell in Madhya Pradesh and Shivraj Singh Chouhan was again made the Chief Minister. Now after Scindia became a Lok Sabha MP, his Rajya Sabha seat has been declared vacant.

Other contenders

Apart from KP Yadav and Narottam Mishra of Madhya Pradesh, Ramakant Bhargava, who was MP from Vidisha seat of Madhya Pradesh and Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya, who was associated with Ram Janmabhoomi, can also be contenders for Rajya Sabha. 

Ramakant Bhargava is considered close to Shivraj Singh. However, there are speculations that he will also be fielded in the by-election from Budhni assembly seat. On the other hand, Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya is also considered a contender for Rajya Sabha seat. He has been the co-incharge of Maharashtra BJP. As a Rajya Sabha candidate, the party will keep caste and regional mathematics in mind.

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